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Tailor-made and Fully-managed Online & Mobile 123racing FREE-to-play Handicapping Contests for Racetrack & Media Partners

 Benefit from the 123 Socialization factor:

  • sticky customer behavior
  • customer interaction
  • status update and 'continuous check-in' - Live events
  • dwell time and resell opportunities

Committed to continually improving and developing PC and mobile platforms for your use.

Our tracks see exceptional value, rates of recurring play, and barely need to lift a finger.  They always ask for more!

123racing offers fantastic free-to-play handicapping contests for CASH prizes as promotional tools for our racetrack customers.

 Join up now and become part of "The Stables", the ever-growing 123racing Community..!


  1. Survival Challenges (inc. 'Lives')
  2. Non-elimination challenges to cross-promote the wager
    • Main Challenge Leaderboard
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly side-challenges
    • Most winners side-challenges


 "It's excellent - I can't believe more tracks don't use this"

- Bill Knauf, Monmouth Park

Here's what our racetrack partners have to say about their contests:

“It’s excellent, I can’t believe more tracks don’t use this.”

- Bill Knauf, Monmouth Park

“We’ve found our newcomers and younger racegoers love 123, but our experienced guys also enjoy the competition. It gets very exciting around the last races in the pool, and creates great conversation.”

- Sophia McKee, Emerald Downs  - Having implemented both the Pick6 and Freeplay together

“Our fans love our Survival Challenge contests from 123racing.  It’s a great way to market your simulcast signal and races to horseplayers and online gamers.”

- Rachel Ryan, Meadowlands Racetrack

“Thanks. You and your team do a great job in giving everyone the best chance possible.  We try to act on the principle of "Find a Way to Say Yes" to our guests. It usually makes for a happier climate and they stay and continue business with us over the long run. You are doing the same and it is appreciated.”

The results we experienced by conducting the initial High-Q Test tournament satisfied many goals including overwhelmingly positive feedback from the players.  We facilitated a free, online, handicapping contest for American Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa Season.  The exposure for Remington Park was tremendous and we were able to reach across North America, finding new fans for the sport and our product.

- Dale Day, Reminton Park

"Thank you again Rob for such a smooth contest."

- Jewel Kositsky, Hastings Racecourse

"We really see great value [from] this contest.  Thanks again to you and Joe."

- Kelly Spencer, Grand River Raceway